Attract & Retain Top Talent

with Escape Rooms

An innovative way to recruit, hire and engage an effective workforce: EscapeEd – Creating immersive escape rooms with a clear purpose.

Recruit & Retain Top Talent

Say goodbye to the monotony of traditional, ineffective pre-hire processes. Entice top talent with a truly enjoyable experience while gaining insight into their real strengths and skills.

Engage New Hires

On-the-job success hinges on a great onboarding experience. Really getting to know new hires is tough, but now, you can reduce repetition and overcome boring onboarding tasks. Cut right to the chase with a highly unique onboarding process at EscapeEd. 

Discover Your Team

Inspire and motivate your employees with bespoke training and team-building scenarios and see who rises to the top. Escape rooms are engaging, fun and accelerate the pace of learning. 

Transforming traditional pre-employment, onboarding,

and training processes into enjoyable, game-like experiences

Attract & Retain Top Talent with Escape Rooms

Our digital escape room experience is more than just a fun way to reach your employees, it’s interactive, engaging, and… impactful.

Digital escape room

EscapeEd can turn any offline or online meeting into an escape room. Employees only need their smartphones.

Customizable escape room

The puzzles used inside of an EscapeEd room are highly customizable. Make it easier or harder, and even change the content.

Escape room feedback

The power of EscapeEd is that we encourage feedback during and after playing a room. Generating personalized insights for consistent improvement.

Escape room dashboard

Measure employee performance in real-time. Visual displays let you analyze data across for more informed decision-making.

Free guide: Attract & Retain Top Talent with Escape Rooms

If you’ve tried traditional recruitment methods to hire and engage rock star staff, you know there has to be something better. Escape rooms are the solution.

How does EscapeEd work?


Create your own escape room or use one of our ready-made templates. Your escape room is fully customizable with reusable challenges so you can focus on engaging your staff and NOT on building your room.


Your employees can use their smartphones to access the EscapeEd room. Visualize their progress in real-time to create a fun and interactive experience.


Once your EscapEd room is completed, share and export results for further analysis and even compare data over time to measure the progress of your workforce.

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