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Engage, impress, and captivate your workforce with powerful and easy-to-use features

A well-engaged team is a key to a successful business. With EscapeEd’s all-in-one platform, you can galvanize your people and push your business forward.

How does EscapeEd work?

Prepare Digital Escape Rooms

– Choose from 8 interactive puzzles including decoding words and quizzes

– Easily create a story with our ready-made templates

– Choose to build your own custom escape room using our templates

– Include free stock images and gifs in your game design

Send Invites and Drive Engagement

– Easily distribute the created escape room to teams

– Employees participate on their own smart devices

– Use the dashboard to view engagement insights after play

– Let employees provide each other with anonymous feedback

Analyze Data and Follow Up

– Use leaderboard to drive engagement

– Compare data among competing teams

– Collect feedback via exit surveys

Choose from multiple puzzle options

Each fun, interactive game is designed to drive teamwork and engagement

  • Decode the words
  • Quiz to unlock chests
  • Sort in boxes
  • Order them all
  • Switch statements
  • Unlock sentence
  • Pair it together
  • Complete the missing
Decode the words
Escape room with drawer

Decode the words

Just like popular game shows, the group will have to decode words using hints. You only need to provide a list of terms and definitions, and EscapeEd takes care of the rest. We’ll generate an interactive escape room challenge where everyone will need to collaborate to decode all the words in a specified amount of time.

Quiz to unlock chests

Quiz to unlock

It’s a quest to find the right key to open the chest! You only need to provide a list of questions and answers on any topic of your choosing. EscapeEd generates a full experience where questions are locked inside of chests, and each correct answer becomes a unique key that opens them.

Sort in boxes

Sort in boxes

In this game, participants have to sort the files in the correct categories to start the computer. You only need to provide a list of items and categories for them to sort through. Once the game starts, it’s a race against the clock! All participants will have to collaborate to solve this challenge in time.

Order them all

Order them all

Participants have to stack the correct bricks in a certain order to solve this exciting challenge. We’ll just ask you to provide us with a couple of ordered lists to get this puzzle started. In this game, EscapeEd will create an interactive experience using an integrated virtual robot for added fun.

Switch statements

Switch statements

The team will have to work together to flip the switches on or off in the right order to start the computer. We’ll just ask you to provide several statements, which can be either true or false. EscapeEd will generate a collaborative escape room puzzle that’ll get everyone excited to solve it correctly.

Unlock sentence

Unlock sentence

Players have to guess a sentence using hints given by avatars. All you need to do is provide us with a complete sentence and the hints to guess it correctly. Working as a team, everyone in the room will have to piece the hints together one by one to complete the puzzle in time.

Pair it together

Pair it together

Like they’re in an action film, participants have to connect the correct wires together to start the virtual computer. We’ll ask you to provide pairs of words or sentences to fill this puzzle. The group will have a great time trying to correctly match pairs together in order to solve the challenge.

Complete the missing

Complete the missing

After being given a document, players will have to work together to correctly fill in the blank words using context clues to solve the challenge. You only need to provide a couple of paragraphs on any topic, and EscapeEd will get to work to generate a fun challenge for all.

Poll participants with 5 types of questions

After escaping, participants can provide feedback on the challenge and each other


Ask open questions such as: “How was the performance of the other participants?” or “What did you like about the EscapeEd room?” You’ll receive the full text of responses.


Using thumbs up/down, each person will answer questions such as: “Was the EscapeEd room fun to do?” or “Did participant X engage well?”

Scale 10

On a scale of 1-10, each player will be asked to rank statements such as: “I learned a lot about my colleagues from this EscapeEd room.” or “I would recommend this EscapeEd room to others.”


Participants can select an appropriate smiley face to answer questions such as: “How much did you like the EscapeEd room?” or “How well did you collaborate with participant X?”


Ask direct questions to participants such as: “Who took charge during the EscapeEd room?” You’ll receive the responses in full.

Celebrate and share results

Players (and managers) will be able to see and compare their results


After escaping from the EscapeEd room, each player will be able to see how many points they scored and how they performed compared to other teams. This result screen will also be emailed to each participant along with personalized, anonymous feedback from other players.

Scale 10

Provides detailed insights into how the EscapeEd rooms were used and how well participants performed. Compare results between teams and use these insights to appropriately select, recruit and develop talent.


Drive engagement by sharing how all teams performed in each challenge and where they landed on the scoreboard. The scoreboard can be shared with the entire organization to help generate buzz and excitement.

Free guide: Attract & Retain Top Talent with Escape Rooms

If you’ve tried traditional recruitment methods to hire and engage rock star staff, you know there has to be something better. Escape rooms are the solution.