Gamification for trainers

Turn any training into a game

Gamify Your Trainings

Some of the Unique Features of EscapeEd

Customization of puzzles with a company’s content

8 types of puzzles available

3 modes of play – group, classroom, and individual

Branding & Visual customization

AI generation of puzzle content

We can turn your existing PowerPoint into an EscapeEd*


Ready made puzzles

Quickly create EscapeEd's using our 8 puzzles


Submit words and definitions, and EscapeEd will provide clues to help teams decode and discover new information.


Your participants must answer questions correctly to unlock a variety of chests containing keys, and be the first to find the correct keys to end the game.


Race to match the proper files with their correct category before time runs out.


Using true / false statements, teams will have to correctly line up switches in the right order, based upon their answers to the statements.


Teams will correctly pair terms together in order to properly connect the mismatched wires of a virtual computer.


Need to teach a new process? Have teams attempt to correctly stack ‘blocks’ in the correct order to win.


Teams must correctly guess a statement using hints given by avatars.


A fill-in-the-blank challenge where team members will have to guess the correct answers using context clues.

You Will Gain Valuable Feedback from EscapeEd Trainings

Use this section to show off one of your features in great detail.

Receive detailed insights and measure participant performance in real-time

Analyze data for more informed decision-making

Receive personalized insights from anonymous participant feedback

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