Virtual Team Building Activities
Working virtually is very different from in-person in any organization. The era is now changed, most of the things including company culture are now virtual whether it’s about virtual meetings, team formation, team building, or even team-building activity. Forming an efficient team is tough and a good team can do wonders for the organization. Along with creating teams, it is also important to have some engagement among team members for better communication and workflow. In “in-person” there are multiple ways to increase team members’ engagement via team building activities but what about the engagement in remote workers? We all know…
business team playing rock paper scissors at modern office

Working virtually is very different from in-person in any organization. The era is now changed, most of the things including company culture are now virtual whether it’s about virtual meetings, team formation, team building, or even team-building activity.

Forming an efficient team is tough and a good team can do wonders for the organization. Along with creating teams, it is also important to have some engagement among team members for better communication and workflow. In “in-person” there are multiple ways to increase team members’ engagement via team building activities but what about the engagement in remote workers? We all know that working remotely can be very exhausting and that can be a negative sign for the company or any organization.

Well, you need not worry about it, there are ways nowadays for virtual team building activities for remote teams. Get excited! In this article, you will know all about virtual team building activities for remote teams and different ways of virtual team building online. Let’s dig in!

List of Virtual Team Building Activities

Escape Room

Escape Room is a very popular virtual team-building game. This virtual event is conducted through video call via Zoom or Google Meet.

Virtual escape rooms basically have multiple riddles, puzzle-solving games, and mystery challenges which are to be solved within the given time limit to escape from the room and eventually win the game. There are multiple puzzle-solving games that build pressure and need great focus to solve it within the given time limit. Games like these have a very high impact on team building, boost employee morale, becoming a good team leader, collaborations, and teamwork.

As it has multiple games to conduct, handling such an event can be very difficult for team leaders or even for organizers. So, to rectify such hassle and difficulties, there is one very popular virtual events organizer or you can say platform for virtual team building activities i.e Escapeed.

Escapeed is an ultimate team-building activity for any organization that offers multiple virtual team-building events. Here, you can recruit rising and top talents, and find various team-building activities to retain remote teams and increase engagement among virtual teams. If you looking for a platform for both team building virtually or hiring top talents, Escapeed it for you!

Team Building

Bingo Game

Bingo is a very easy fun way for virtual team-building with remote employees or remote team members. It is one of the best ways to create engagement among team members through this nostalgic virtual game.

The game is pretty much simple, each player has a bingo template with having a list of statements. The moderator will pick one statement and players who match with that statement have to put it cross in the action box. The person who gets three in a row all correct is announced as the winner.

Team members can customize or create an all-new bingo template based on the organization or team member’s fun facts because this will create more fun and interest in the game. You can also have some awards for the winners to too for more healthy participations.

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is a very popular and engaging game among youths. The best part of the game is that it can be played both in-person and virtually. This is the right choice of the game if you are looking for one on one interaction with the team members and to know each other better.

In this game, a player gets two options to choose from, one is “Truth” and another one is “Dare”. If one chooses “Truth” then other players get a chance to ask an interesting or related question to the person. If the person answers the question well, he is safe otherwise he/she has to go through fun punishment.

While on the other hand, if the person chooses the “Dare” option, then the person has to perform a task or an activity as instructed by the other team members. There is no time limit in this game, teams can go as long as they desire and can play even in their virtual coffee breaks.

Typing Speed Race

Looking for a game that can kill your boredom or stress during work? A competitive game of typing speed is one you should go for.

In this game, at least two members are needed and the maximum can go up to any number depending upon the members you have.

The game is very simple, there would be a given paragraph that is to be typed by each of the players in their own device and the person who completes it first is the winner of the game. There are various online games for typing speed race competitions.

These kinds of online games build a healthy and competitive environment among remote teams and they can be easily played virtually. With the help of this game, you can also analyze the typing speed of each employee and also increase productivity in remote teams which are proved to be very helpful in online team building.

Wizard Storytelling

Storytelling is very unique team-building activity for remote teams. This game can be played during virtual meetings where a moderator picks up a topic or a genre and each team member has to create a wizard story around it.

Remote workers who have presented a unique and creative story is announced as a winner of the game. Games like these increase engagement among remote workers and also increase their thinking and creative skills.

Show & Tell

If we have to take inspiration for virtual team-building ideas, we need to go back to our school days when teachers made us play games like Show and Tell.

In this game, all the remote employees are connected through video conference calls are asked to pick an item near to their workspace and narrate a story around it in one minute like why they bought it or why it is in their workspace.

Through this activity entire team gets a chance to know each other and what their thoughts are and what inspires them during the work.

What would you do?

This is a very interesting virtual team-building activity, basically, it’s a situational-based game where a person is given a situation, and depending upon those situations, the question is asked “What would you do?”

In this game, each player of a team is given a hypothetical situation and one question is asked having 3-4 options and the player has to choose the best answer based on what he will do in that situation. This game is helpful in knowing each other and building up a better team for the future as whatever they answer reflects their thinking and the way they approach a problem to solve it i.e problem-solving skills.

Guess the Emoji

Looking for more virtual team-building ideas? Here is one for you “Guess the Emoji” virtual icebreaker game. A very popular game among youngsters and can also be easily played among virtual teams via video conference.

In this game, pairs of emojis are provided to team members and they have to guess the right word associated with it. This keeps on repeating until one team member answers a wrong answer and gets eliminated. The team member who guesses the maximum correct answers is the winner of the game.

Virtual Debate

Debates become interesting as every second passes. Virtual debates are one of the old ways of virtual team-building activities. To play this game, the first step would be to set some rules and proper instructions for maintaining proper ethics while playing games.

In this game, different topics are given, and virtual team members have to present their ideas and thoughts around those topics and have a healthy debate among the team members to bring out a meaningful result to the topic or discussion. Debates should not be more than 3-5 minutes as it will decrease the interest of other team members participating in the game.

Online Office Games

Online office games hosted by third parties is very popular among the organization and managers as the event manager handles all the tedious task and offers hundreds of team-building game and activities for a remote team.

Online Office Games is a type of “Office Olympics” that incorporates lively difficulties, virtual team-building exercises, and team bonding. Model virtual exercises for representatives incorporate high-speed random data, Go Get It lightning scrounger chases, and a correspondence honing game called “Can You Hear Me Now?”.

Never Have I Ever

Many individuals play a variant of Never Have I Ever in school, and it regularly dives into NSFW subjects. All things considered, play the remote work well-disposed variant of this game. As the occasion coordinator, you can compose every one of the themes ahead of time or have colleagues or remote workers submit subjects that you channel for the gathering.

Never Have I Ever is ordinarily a take-out game, and that implies you fire with five fingers up and lose a point for every one of the themes that you have indeed done.

For instance, in the event that the brief was “never have I at any point eaten sushi”, everybody that has eaten sushi would put a finger down.

Five Finger down

Five-finger showdown is a jewel on a rundown of virtual team-building activities, and an ideal virtual icebreaker game for large groups. For this game, everyone on your virtual video call holds up one hand with five fingers broadened. Then, either the host alone or team members take turns rundown of explicit and unusual educational encounters. For example, you could say, “has visited a beach this year” or “speaks more than one language.”

On the off chance that a team part has the mentioned educational experience, they can put one finger down. Either the player that puts all fingers down first wins, or on the off chance that you want a bend, the last player with fingers remaining up wins instead.

This team-building activity proves to increase team bonding among remote teams.

Virtual Book Activity

Arouse perusers join together! A virtual book club is a chance to interface with a similar team member in your remote group. Like genuine book clubs, the essential capacity is to put together individuals around perusing a similar material at a comparable speed and to examine considerations and sentiments about it.

We suggest you start with a novelette or even only a paper. The objective is for the material to be short enough that you can peruse the whole thing in a couple of meetings.

This term is extraordinary for testing obligation to the book club and concluding whether you ought to accomplish something bigger and longer. Then, at that point, when you are prepared, look at this rundown of books.

Share Your Must To-Do List

If by some stroke of good luck we had a dollar for each time we heard somebody go ‘It’s on my list of must-dos as well!’. Everyone has a must-to-do list and discussing it in virtual meetings can provide various important insights.

A list of must-dos is a rundown of things an individual needs to do or encounter in his/her lifetime. It could incorporate little triumphs like figuring out how to fly a kite, or fantastic ones like turning into a TV have – and afterward the President of a country.

In this group-building movement, the colleagues alternate and offer the main 5 things from their list of must-dos, subsequently getting to know one another better.

So what’s on your list of must-dos?

The Worst Five

This is a really clear virtual team-building activity and is a successful virtual icebreaker as well. To start, the group mediator picks a classification like motion pictures, books, games, and so forth Every team member from the team then, at that point, shares their most terrible five picks with respect to that classification and further gives a short summary of the equivalent. Since where could the fun in sharing the best five be?

In the event that you might want to make this considerably seriously fascinating, you can combine individuals in twos, and request that they alternate speculating their accomplice’s most exceedingly terrible picks. This kind of activity encourages team members to overcome from there comfort zone and improve their interpersonal skills.

Tongue Twisters

The tongue twister is a very interesting game and is played very often among all age groups. This game is also introduced as one of the virtual team-building games. Here, team members challenge each other with some difficult tongue twisters and the team member who successfully spells the tongue twister game

Have some good times tongue twisters you could adore for your group to attempt? Here is your opportunity to challenge (humiliate) them, live on-screen during a virtual meeting.

Caution: Make sure you’re not biting any gum when you do this. We don’t need any setbacks in your group.

Online Fundraiser

One method for building spirit with representatives is to pick a significant reason and raise assets or gifts for it.

For instance, numerous workplaces know about doing a food drive or a local area sponsorship. These kinds of virtual team-building activities are effective in virtual team bonding.

We instruct banding together with a gifted stage to assist with working with the exchanges and add validity to the assortments. For this purpose, whatever reverberates with your virtual team-building event is praised.

Virtual Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are very common among colleagues during offline office environments. This is one of the very basic yet effective ways of virtual team-building activities.

The basics for an effective virtual birthday celebration are:

  1. A component of shock. Get everybody on a virtual call and tell the birthday individual that the call begins five minutes after the fact.
  2. Fun virtual exercises. Do icebreakers, lightning forager chases, and comparable.
  3. Piles of applause. Utilize the open door to feature the colleague.

On the off chance that you have an enormous group, arranging virtual birthday celebrations might become repetitive. All things being equal, you can join the April infants around the common birthday month to be conducted through virtual meetings like a video call or video conference call.

Live Remote Coworking

Since your team is conveyed all over the planet, it’s reasonably impractical for everybody to get together at a collaborating space. And keeping in mind that telecommuting has many advantages, it’s quite difficult all of the time to take advantage of the understood inspiration and social responsibility that comes from cooperating face to face with your group.

No compelling reason to stress! Remote collaborating is a genuine article, and it could assist your group with being more useful and in a fun way. To set up team meetings for your team, basically, all you need is a video chat. The principal individual who’s online for the day can make a video call that is open for anybody to join, with the arrangement of distributed teams having the motivation behind the channel and call is to finish work.

Virtual Happy Hours

Virtual happy hours are video gatherings committed to fun virtual team games and exercises and might be important for the workday or toward its finish.

For instance, you could incorporate a series of icebreaker questions and afterward do virtual team random data. The vast majority incorporate beverages also.

Virtual happy hours are likewise really great for no particular reason. These virtual team-building activities should happen at least once every week.

The Longest Word

The Longest Word is a speedy virtual team-building activity you can do on video calls and phone calls. To play, orchestrate your kin into teams and challenge them to spell an extremely lengthy word.

For instance, pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is as difficult to say all things considered to spell. The group that gets nearest to the right spelling, decided by an inconsistent peering toward, wins. The triumphant group can then wager twofold or nothing by speculating the significance of the word as well.

This is one of the very effective and useful virtual team-building activities having multiple benefits for the team members.

The Price is Almost Right

The Price is Almost Right is a computerized virtual team building activity where the host of a virtual phone call holds up family protests and different participants yell out costs. The primary individual to figure inside five pennies of the real retail cost without going over gets 1 point for their team. On the off chance that you surmise over the retail value, you are out for that round, yet your colleagues might proceed.

Do-It-Yourself Craft Challenge

The DIY Craft Challenge is a 20-minute shock action you can play with your team members. To play, every individual has 20 minutes to fabricate something from materials accessible at home. Virtual team building activities like this encourage team members to craft some creativity and bring out something useful or beautiful to watch.

For instance, a person in grade 8 class consolidated an old-fashioned egg blender with a fork to make an extreme spaghetti whirling machine. You could make pasta craftsmanship, an epic pad stronghold, or doodle a lovely congruity.

The objective isn’t to construct something gallery commendable; it is to ignite imagination and give your team a great method for interfacing together and promoting team building.

Trip of the Navigator

Trip of the Navigator is one of the better motion pictures that emerged from 1986, and today plays a twofold obligation in the domain of online group building games.

For this movement, begin by watching the film, which you can find on Amazon or Disney. Each time something “absolutely 80s” occurs in the film, similar to you spot a strong mullet or some rad headbands, take a beverage. Your beverage can be espresso, tea, water, or anything you like.

Trip of the Navigator isn’t actually the point, so you could utilize different films as well. The objective is to have a typical component that you can play a few fun virtual games around.

Bookkeeping page Wars

Bookkeeping page Wars is a minuscule virtual team-building hackathon, where team members can flaunt their abilities in Google Sheets and comparable projects.

To play Spreadsheet Wars, you pick a topic like “most progressive computation” or “plan a smaller than normal game”, and afterward the main boundary is that members can utilize the accounting page programming to construct an answer. In the event that sketchy arrangements are useful for your association, you could set a topic like, “cost decrease mini-computer” to assist with building valuable apparatuses.

Here are some more starter points for Spreadsheet Wars:

  1. Plan a pick your own experience story.
  2. Make a beat-box congruity utilizing sound contents.
  3. Contend to repeat the best pixel craftsmanship, Mona Lisa.
  4. Assemble an apparatus that somebody would pay no less than $5 to utilize.
  5. Make a formula generator.

Accounting pages are integral assets and the vast majority have just started to expose equations and different elements. By messing around like Spreadsheet Wars you can assist with updating these abilities and have a good time while making it happen.


The thing is a round of talking and points. Before the game beginnings, every one of the members adds points to a typical pool. The primary rule is every subject should begin with “things”. For instance, “things my canine wants to have for breakfast” or “things we need to do during our next video meeting.”

One individual begins as the host and peruses off a solitary brief. Different players then, at that point, secretly submit replies to the host, which you can do by means of a private message. The host recites the responses without holding back, and afterward, you go in a circle allowing every individual an opportunity to think about who got out whatever.

You can have team players collect focuses and win prizes, or overlook focuses altogether. For the following round, the switch has and goes on with similar game mechanics.

Energizing Sponge

Energizing wipe is a fast and simple narrating game. To play, each colleague gets an irregular item in a careful distance and makes an anecdote about it, or can default to portraying a nonexclusive wipe.

The objective is to overstate reality with regards to what makes that article astonishing. For instance, in the event that somebody got a morning timer, they could say “this is a remnant from an earlier time and some time or another Indian Jones 2.0, AI release, will turn back the clock and grab it up for a gallery assortment.”

The crazier the better.

Call of the Champions

One method for settling on virtual decisions fun is to appoint jobs during gatherings. On the off chance that somebody has a particular task to take care of, similar to team leaders or shade hurler, then, at that point, they will be more locked in.

Team promoter: Responsible for keeping spirits high during the gathering! This individual will eagerly applaud the speaker and other colleagues and lead others to do likewise.

Mover and Shaker: This job resembles a virtual gathering traffic cop. At the point when discussions get in the weeds or in any case aren’t moving along, then, at that point, this present individual’s responsibility is to get everybody in the groove again.

Conceal Thrower: Someone in your group is most likely “that individual.” Empower your winner by allocating the job of Shade Thrower, which is basically consented to courteously boo others. This job is for the most part for games with a component of rivalry.

Photographic artist: Throughout your call, there will be open doors for photographs and depictions of your group. Remote groups need photographs as well! Provide somebody with the job of gathering picture takers and they can snap a couple of shots to share by visit or email later.

Recorder: For certain individuals, Scribe is the most un-fun job at the gathering, and for other people, it is the truly amazing line of work. The recorder is responsible for taking notes.

We named this action Call of the Champions as a pleasant method for perceiving the brave jobs that members play in settling on a virtual decision fun.


You might have played Werewolf at day camp, in school, or on an organization retreat. Werewolf is a round of brains, double-dealing, and capable control as you look to endure the evening. The whole game depends on talking, cautious tuning in, and casting a ballot, so you can run the involvement with a virtual meeting room like Zoom or Google Hangouts.

To start with, every player draws a card that demonstrates a job: werewolf, resident, doctor, or soothsayer. For a remote game, you could utilize an irregular age instrument and send every individual the job in a private message. Werewolves eat different players, residents vote on who they believe is a werewolf, surgeons can save a player from the jaws of close demise and soothsayers can uncover a player’s status as a wolf or not.

When every member plays a part, the game expert reports that evening has fallen, and everybody shuts their eyes and does a sound drum roll for something enjoyable to do and to cover different sounds.

The game expert then, at that point, calls the werewolves to awaken, select one casualty, then, at that point, return to rest.

Then, the surgeon awakens, focuses on an individual to save, and afterward dozes once more.

At last, the soothsayer focuses on one individual to uncover whether or not they are a wolf, and the game expert gestures yes or no to affirm.

Then, at that point, the game expert reports it is morning and uncovers whether the wolves effectively ate a resident. Normally, one resident passes on in the evening, except for an intermittent save by a surgeon.

The survivors discuss who the werewolf is, and afterward vote to either kill somebody or skirt the round. Anybody that bites the dust or is taken out from the game turns into a quiet phantom, and can never again talk or in any case partake in the game. Rehash this interaction until just townspeople or wolves remain.

Werewolf is incredible for virtual group building since it powers a ton of conversations. Your group will adore it.

Pancakes vs Waffles

Pancakes vs Waffles is a game where you settle on choices altogether collectively. The name is demonstrative of the “either-or” decision you are making.

For cycle one, your group needs to settle on whether the world will keep pancakes or waffles, and the other is to be crushed from presence. Anybody can advocate for a most loved decision, and at last, you should have a vote of the greater part to settle on the choice.

After one choice is killed, you add another contender. For instance, the game might become Waffles vs Pumpkins, and afterward Waffles vs Puppies, and afterward Puppies vs Kittens, and afterward Kittens vs Romantic Relationships, and comparable.

Normally the more you play, the more extreme the discussion gets and the more colleagues will share their qualities. The game mechanics are useful for virtual group building in light of the fact that the underlying discussion of Pancakes vs Waffles is low stakes, and it just slowly turns out to be more private as you get to later stages.

Tiny Campfire (Nostalgic)

little pit fire is one of the world’s most well-known virtual group building occasions. We made a little open-air fire as a method for drawing in remote groups in a “semi-virtual” experience that incorporates s’mores and a real little open-air fire.

Before the occasion, we send your colleagues a s’mores pack that incorporates graham wafers, smaller than normal marshmallows, Hershey chocolate, and a minuscule tealight open-air fire. Then, at that point, on “camp day” your colleague’s login to a video meeting space for an hour and a half of camp games, random data, and notable phantom stories. The whole experience is controlled by one of our senior facilitators.

Tree or Bob Ross

The Tree or Bob Ross game mechanics are like 20 Questions or Eye Spy and other virtual group manufacturers. To begin this virtual movement, one player picks a personality, which can be anything from an item to an idea. On an excursion to Canada, one companion decided to be a little elastic ball. Investigate your creative mind and go ahead and pick truly troublesome characters.

The player with the character is known as The Post, and any remaining players can besiege The Post with limitless inquiries to uncover the personality.

The initial inquiry is, “is it more like a tree, or more like Bob Ross?”, to which The Post should answer simply by naming either. For instance, in the event that the personality was a sunflower, the response is “more like a tree.” If the character is Pinocchio then you have a decision to make, and should focus on one.

The accompanying inquiries consolidate another word into the game. For instance, “is it more like a tree, or more like a heap of leaves?”, which can give pieces of information toward the last response.

Something in Common

One of the speediest virtual group building exercises you can play is Something in Common, which is a test that urges your distant workers to dive deeper into one another. For this game, dole out your kin into little gatherings and afterward have each gathering distinguish the three most special things they share for all intents and purpose. For instance, a gathering could track down a typical love for Shakespeare’s Macbeth, experience with youth violin illustrations, and scorn for red hot Cheetos. To do numerous rounds then you can make the virtual action more testing by eliminating general classes like motion pictures, books, and food.

Directed Meditation

Ten calm minutes during a generally bustling day can be a compelling method for uniting your kin and constructing solid remote groups. You can accomplish these outcomes with a directed reflection meeting.

  1. How it’s done:
  2. Observe a reflection practice online or contact a specialist to direct the gathering.
  3. Send a video call greeting to the group.
  4. Consider sending representatives a consideration bundle with scented oils and candles ahead of time.
  5. Perform care exercises as educated by the aide

Praise Train

With regards to applauding at work, individuals will more often than not react in one of three ways.

Absorb the commendation like brilliant beams of the sun on a Bali ocean side.

Acknowledge the acclaim and “keep cool.”

Forcefully divert that commendation on to in a real sense any other person, AKA the Michael strategy.

Every colleague probably fits into one of the above classifications. Be that as it may, one thing will covertly bring together your kin paying little mind to class: they love getting acclaim. Begin a commendation train where every individual commends each other’s work in progress and watches the representative commitment take off.

For instance, you could applaud somebody on their hard-working attitude, and that individual could adulate an associate on an effective client call, and that individual could commend somebody for composing an incredible blog article, etc.

This action is astounding for the virtual group holding with telecommuters.

Mr. Rogers Calls

Mr. Rogers Calls is one of the most amazing virtual group building exercises during isolation. The name comes from the objective: to get to realize your remote work neighbors.

We have been doing Mister Rogers Calls for quite a long time, and follow a straightforward arrangement. In the first place, we utilize the Donut application to haphazardly dole out discussion accomplices like clockwork.

The actual call should be 30 minutes, over the video, and keep away from work subjects. Urge your distant associates to discuss leisure activities and interests outside of the gig. For instance, you can discuss how long you can keep a houseplant alive.

Bring your family

At this point, your group is acclimated with, and basically even praises the presence of your pets or your family, while on a call. They are presently mindful that when it is tea-o-clock in your home, your mother will stroll into your room with your cherished spotted cup! Could you acquaint them with one another the correct way?

Pronounce any one hour as Bring your family hour, so your family can get to realize your associates better, as well as the other way around. Your second-cousin Jane, distant uncle Tom, and your Poodle Nancy, we need to see them all!

Final Words

Team building is very important and should be practiced by every organization that has remote teams. Virtual team building activities not only refresh one’s mind but also improve one’s interpersonal, and communication skills. The above-mentioned list of virtual team-building activities are proved to be very engaging events and helped in team building, increasing team performance, and improving team dynamics.

Written by Ab Advany

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