Engage with everyone

with a plan thats right for you

Paid yearly
Paid monthly
Gamify your trainingCollaborateFor your entire company
per trainer per monthper trainer per monthper trainer per monthper trainer per monthper trainer per monthper trainer per month
CreditsEach credits allows one person to play an EscapeEd50100250
Items per puzzleAmoutn of items you can add to an puzzle (like questions)105099
Change visualsCustomize visuals like background, feature images and story lines
Change complexityCustomize how difficult puzzles are
CollaborateCo-create EscapeEd with your team members
ReportingGet insights into how people and groups performed during an EscapeEd
TemplatesAccess to our library of templates with read made EscapeEd's
BrandingAdd your logo and brand colors
Request demoRequest demoRequest demoRequest demoRequest demoRequest demo


How do the credits work?

Your subscription allots you X credits. Each time a trainee attends a training, we deduct one credit from your account. You can always purchase extra credits if needed

Can I test out the software?

Yes! We are currently offering a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! If you don't feel like it works for you, simply contact us at contact@escaped.com for a full refund (no questions asked).

Can I pay with ...?

Yes, we support a wide range of local and international payment methods

How does this work in a group setting?

Easy! Multiple people can join on their smartphones in a room together to play with each other.

Is there a way to play together virtually?

Yes! You can use your normal meeting software such as Zoom and play the game remotely with each other.

Can I customize the games?

Yes, each puzzle can be customized with your learning materials.

Does this work for individuals?

Yes, these games both work for an individual training and group trainings.

Can I customize the look of the platform to match our company?

Yes! These are fully customizable so that you can custom brand the look of the platform.

Can I use it for any subject?

Yes, any topic can be taught using EscapeEd.

Do I need special technology to host this?

No, you can use EscapeEd on any desktop or laptop computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Do I have to create the games?

No, you have the option to either submit your information to the software, or if you would just like to send us your existing powerpoint and have us create it, we can build it for you for an additional fee.

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